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Health Science Resources

Health Science Resources

These are resources chosen by your teachers and librarian because they are excellent sources for health science related information.

Intro to HS Career Sources

Occupational Outlook Handbook – The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

Career OneStop – Career exploration, training, and jobs information

MyFuture – Career, college, and military information

Careers in the Military – Information on the thousands of careers availble to those in the military

Learn How to Become – Information to help any job-seeker understand what it takes to find the perfect career.

CollegeScorecard – Compare colleges, universities, and technical schools within Kansas and across the United States.

Xello – DCHS’s college and career planning site.

General Research Sources

CDC - website for the Centers for Disease Control 

KidsHealth - health information for kids, teens, and adults

Mayo Clinic - website for the Mayo clinic, which provides health information for the public and health professionals

Medline Plus - health information for the public from well-known sources as vetted by the NLM. Also available in Spanish. 

National Library of Medicine - health information for health professionals and the public from the National Institutes of Health

PubMed - journal articles for health professionals indexed by topic

State Library of Kansas Databases - several health-related databases under the Health catagory

WHO -website for the World Health Organization

Evaluating and Understanding Health Information

Guide to Healthy Web Surfing - what to consider when evaluating the quality of health information on the Internet

Understanding Medical Words - tutorial to help you understand medical terminology

Evaluating Internet Health Information Tutorial - learn now to evaluate health information found on the web

Finding and Using Health Statistics - online course in health statistics, including where to find them.