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KAP Instructions

KAP Instructions

KAP Testing is only for these grades:

Math: Grades 3rd-8th, 10th

ELA: Grades 3rd-8th, 10th

Science: Grades 5th, 8th & 11th

The link to the parent portal is:

The link to the Parent Portal User Guide is

When you go to the portal, this is the screen you will see.

Kite Parent Portal

Enter your email and click “Get Started”, you will receive an access code in your email.  Anytime you want to view scores, you enter your email and a new access code will be sent that is valid for 24 hours. 

This is what the email will look like:

Parent Portal Access Code

Once you are logged in, you will see general explanations, individual student reports for different years, etc. Choose the test, subject, and student in the black bar at the top of the page and however many years you want to view.  

Parent Portal

If you have any questions, please contact Technology at 620-371-1080.