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PIO Flyer Guidelines

Guidelines for Flyers

Please note:

  • Individuals, companies, or organizations who desire to distribute materials of an educational nature through USD 443 must first receive approval of the materials for distribution by the Public Information Office.

  • Approval of any additional flyers or distribution requests throughout the school year is required.

  • Approval of distribution requests will be every year beginning with the start of a new school year. All requests must be re-submitted.

  • Approval for distribution does not guarantee distribution within a particular building. Approval by PIO indicates that the content of the material is suitable for distribution, but distribution remains subject to the distribution practices within any particular building (i.e., not all buildings permit distribution of flyers, and individual buildings may have other non-content based procedures regarding distribution).

Flyers and other requests that companies/organizations wish to distribute must meet the following guidelines:

  • Must be educational in nature or complementary or supportive of the overall educational, wellness, and social development of students.

  • Must be informational and non-proselytizing in nature

  • No corporate promotion or for-profit advertising

  • No posting by companies/organizations that have policies or promote activities that are inconsistent with the mission and/or policies of Dodge City Public Schools.

  • No political materials, endorsements, walk-outs, demonstration notices

  • Flyers pertaining to elementary students must include Spanish translation.

  • Flyers must include appropriate disclaimer: (include English and Spanish versions).