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Joakin Villa focuses efforts on absenteeism in our schools.

Posted Date: 08/30/2023

Joakin Villa focuses efforts on absenteeism in our schools.

Joakin Villa's storyJoakin Villa and his sonJoakin Villa has accepted the full-time position of Attendance Officer for Dodge City Public Schools.  He recently served as the DCHS Security Clerk for  five years. During this time he greeted every student each morning, and if he sensed a student was struggling, he would ask more questions and offer encouragement.  So, it was a natural progression to step into the role of  DCPS Attendance Officer.  The position has changed from part time to full time, providing more support for the middle and elementary schools.  

Villa knows how important it is to have adults who mentor and encourage students. The encouragement he received from his teachers helped shape his career path.  His goal is to work with young families so that they realize the value of children being in school every day if possible. And that is the message he will be sharing at parent meetings and site councils.  Joakin wants parents and students to contact him if they have any questions.  Because he is working so closely with every school, he will be in touch with famiiles when absenteeism affects the students academic success.

Joakin has shared his story to provide encouragement to families experiencing similar struggles. Read more about his success story and his future plans.