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Insurance Benefits

Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance is self-funded by the district.  Health insurance covers assorted medical expenses based on which plan you choose.  Employees may choose from three health plans, with two levels to each of these plans: PPO and Non-PPO.  A full-time employee receives a benefit toward the payment of this insurance premium.  There is no cash-in-lieu for those who are eligible, but for one reason or another, choose not to elect this benefit.

Supplemental Insurances are available through financial and insurance partners to complement the health insurance and round out an employee's benefits package.  Some examples include Short-Term Disability, Section 125 Medical Reimbursement Cafeteria Plan, and Life Insurance.  More information on supplemental insurance is outlined in the Financial Benefits section of the web site.

Dental Insurance is available to all employees based on employee job classification.

Vision Insurance is available to part-time and full-time employees.

The plan year for all benefit provisions of USD #443 is October 1 through September 30.