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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

  • Dodge City Public Schools offers dental insurance based on an employee's job classification:

    Certified Staff & Administrators - Meritain Health

    • The district provides dental insurance for all certified staff and administrators through our health insurance. 
    • The plan DOES NOT begin paying for dental claims until the employee has met his or her deductible. 
    • Dental benefits in this plan are dependent on which health plan you select.  See Health Insurance section for more information on health plans.
    • Meritain/Delta Dental Insurance Benefit Summary
      Dental Plan
      Medical Plan I and Dental Coverage or Dental Coverage Only Subject to Plan I co-insurance, Combined with Plan I out-of-pocket limit
      Medical Plan II and Dental Coverage Combined with Plan II deductible, then paid at 100%
      Medical Plan III and Dental Coverage Combined with Plan III deductible, then paid at 100%
      CLASS "B" EXPENSES 80%

      Classified Staff - Delta Dental

    • The district provides a supplemental dental plan to all administrative and classified employees through Delta Dental Insurance Company. 
    • Our plan year begins October 1st and ends September 30th. 
    • Dental services are offered in two plans:
    • The plan provides a maximum of $1,200 in services per plan year.