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*Salary and Compensation

Salary Schedules & Compensation

Certified Staff

  • Certified staff salaries are negotiated annually between the district KNEA. Teachers may elect to join NEA, but all certified salaries are determined by the negotiated agreement regardless of membership status. 
  • Certified staff receive $7,869 annually in a supplemental benefit. Certified staff are eligible to receive any benefits available except Guardian Dental (other dental insurance is available) and Vision Benefit of America (limited vision benefit coverage is included in health insurance plans). These benefits are negotiated annually.

Classified Staff

  • Classified staff, which includes all employees except certified teachers and administrators, are placed on a salary schedule based on their job classification.
  • FT/FY Staff (2,080 hours per annum) receive $7,869 in a supplemental benefit to purchase health insurance.  Those employees who do not purchase the health insurance forfeit this supplemental salary benefit. Staff may also purchase section 125 benefits.
  • PT/school year staff receive up to $1,880 in a supplemental benefit.  Those employees who do not purchase supplemental insurance options forfeit this supplemental salary benefit.

Administrative Staff

  • Administrators are paid based on identified building base salary, commensurate with job duties, certifications, education, and other endorsements. Base salary is posted with job openings. Superintendent, cabinet positions, high school principal, high school associate principal and middle school principal salaries are negotiated with the Superintendent of Schools and with the Board of Education. For further information, please review the Administrative Handbook.
  • Full-time administrators receive $7,869 in a supplemental benefit. Administrators must use $7,869 of this supplemental benefit to purchase health insurance or will forfeit that amount.

Salary and Compensation