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District Bids

District Bids 

For more information regarding current bids, please contact the Business Office at 620-371-1001.


Items up for bid with USD 443 Dodge City Board of Education will be posted here.  


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All bidders are responsible for ensuring they have complete bid information and any subsequent addendums.  Failure to do so may disqualify a bidder.  



Office of Business & Operations

1000 N. Second Avenue Room 113 \ Dodge City, KS 67801



ISSUE DATE: 11-19-2018

CLOSING DATE: 12-3-2018 @ 2:00 pm (CT)

Unified School District No. 443, Ford County, Kansas (District) will receive sealed bids at the Purchasing Office, 1000 N Second Ave, Room 113, Dodge City, KS 67801 until 2:00 PM, December 3, 2018 at which time bids received will be publicly opened and read, for furnishing the equipment as shown in the bid packet; delivered to: Dodge City Public Schools 1000 N. Second Ave., Dodge City, KS 67801, all in accordance with bid instructions, specifications, and/or bid conditions attached to the bid packet.


Ray Wipf

Ph: 620-371-1028









RE: Site Demo & Earthwork

TO: USD # 443 Dodge City Public Schools PO Box 460 Dodge City, KS 67801

Date: 11/13/2018

Project: Dodge City Admin Building (2110 1st Ave Dodge City,KS 67801)

Bid Date: 12/05/2018         

Bid Time: 1:00 PM

Project Contact: Chris Jackson

Site Demolition and site earthwork per plans dated 11-12-18 New 55,000 SF 2-story office building for USD 443 Administration Offices and associated site requirements

BIDS DUE 12/05/2018 AT 1:00 PM 




Plans are available digitally on the HuttonCloud. Please go to:

Access Code: N/A


Project Specific Scope Items:


* Includes acceptance and adherance to specification sections 024105, 312200, 312500, and the soils report dated


* Include all site demolition, site clearing, and earthwork complete per plans dated 11-12-18.

* Subcontractor shall take care not to cause any dirt or debris to be deposited on any roadways and must immediately cleanup roads if it occurs.

* Subcontractor shall protect adjacent materials and building items from damage that could be caused by this subcontractor's operations.

* Provide all dumpsters/haul off required for demolition debris.

* Coordinate all demolition work with the project superintendent on the job site.

* Items that are identified as return to owner on the drawings shall be returned in their current condition.


* Includes all labor, material, equipment, supervision, and layout for the selective demolition scope of work complete but limited to demolition of pavements, sidewalks, sitre structures, site utilities, buildings and associated foundations, trees/shrubs, and fencing.

* Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical disconnection of items will be by others. Following disconnection and capping of site utilities, contractor is responsabile for removing abandoned utilities.

* Sawcutting of concrete/asphalt paving and sidewalks necessary to perform scope of work by subcontractor.


Unit Pricing: provide unit pricing for future removal of existing paving.


* Site layout and engineering (staking) for this scope of work complete.

* Building pad and compaction as required by the project Geotechnical report. This includes LVC layers and or stabilization as recommended.

* Proof rolling of subgrade as required to achieve compaction requirements. Proof rolling shall be completed with a sheep's foot or equivalent equiment. Compaction of building pad with wheeled loader is not acceptable.

* Earthwork and grading as required to achieve finished elevations to within plus/minus 0.10 feet.

* Import fill or remove excess dirt as necessary. Anticipate stockpiling of material on site in base bid. Provide alternate unit pricing for removal from site to across street for building of future pavement subgrade.

* Moisture condition all on-site fill. Moisture conditioning of in-situ materials should not be included.

* Stockpile topsoil at general site locations.

* Any water required for soil conditioning will be the responsibility of the Subcontractor.

* Temporary dewatering and / or surface water sumping, pumping, and removal required to complete this scope of work should be included.

* Protect and preserve existing utilities and utility structures.

* Subcontractor shall take care not to cause any dirt or debris to be deposited on any roadways and must immediately cleanup roads if it occurs.

* Subcontractor shall notify and locate all utilities prior to excavating.

* It is understood that there will be multiple mobilizations required to complete this scope.

* Include erosion control BMP measures per plans and state and local AHJ. Maintenance of these items will be by others.


Unit Pricing:

* Provide unit pricing on bid form for future earthwork items. Reference ''Site Planning Phases'' plan for reference of possible future work and approximate areas.


General Items:

I have attached information for a project we are currently seeking bids related to your company's general division of work. Please take a few minutes and review this information and let me know if you plan to submit a bid or if you need any further information. Feel free to email a response or you can fax the cover page to the RFP back to our office to indicate your plans to bid or not.


You can review plans at:


I appreciate you looking at this project and look forward to receiving your proposal.


Bidding documents are attached to this proposal in a .pdf format. Please review and request any additional documents necessary to provide a complete bid per the scope defined above.


Thank you for reviewing this project. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Award of contract is contingent upon proof of bidders financial solvency, previous success with similar work, satisfactory safety record, and other considerations.  Completion of the Hutton Construction Subcontractor Pre- Qualification Worksheet is the method of providing that information.   Bidders who fail to provide that information may be disqualified. Bidders are to use the separate Bid Form to provide information about costs, and other scope-specific information. The determination of qualified or unqualified is at the sole discretion of Hutton Construction Corporation and the Project Owner.

District Bids